Residential Asphalt Repair & Commercial Asphalt Repair

Located in Sauk Rapids, MN and Serving in St. Cloud, Brainerd Lakes and the Central & Greater Minnesota Area!

As asphalt gets older it begins to deteriorate. Cracks and potholes begin to form damaging your investment and causing more damage to your Minnesota asphalt. It can also create safety hazards. When the asphalt cracks spread, it compromises the rest of the asphalt letting it shift and move making weak points in the asphalt to were it breaks up and can't hold the weight of vehicles anymore and starts forming potholes.

These potholes become safety hazards witch people can trip and fall in and get hurt. Vehicles can even be damaged if they hit them causing expensive damage. When this stuff happens because its on your Sauk Rapids & St. Cloud property - you can be held liable and sued.

At AST, we have the knowledge on how to properly fix these issues. You will be professionally advised on how your Greater and Central Minnesota asphalt needs to be fixed. Whether it is filled with hot asphalt mix or needs to be cut out and the spot redone. Some times the ground underneath is the problem and needs to be repaired before it can be fixed otherwise it may fail again.

Trust the experts at Asphalt Surface Tech to make the best call to repair your asphalt! Give us a call, and we'll come out and give you an accurate estimate for your asphalt repair needs - 320-237-2600