Commercial Sealcoating Services in Sauk Rapids, St. Cloud, MN

Commercial Sealcoating Services in Sauk Rapids, St. Cloud, MN

At Asphalt Surface Technologies (AST) we offer commercial sealcoating services in Sauk Rapids & St. Cloud, MN. Additionally, we perform commercial sealcoating services located in the Sauk Rapids, St. Cloud area. Is your area not listed? Call us! We very well may be able to come to you!

As asphalt ages degradation and changes in color and texture are going to happen. As the seasons change moisture can seep underneath your asphalt and cause cracks or potholes. With AST’s commercial sealcoating services you can keep your St. Cloud asphalt looking its best, and keep it safe.

Commercial sealcoating will extend the life of your asphalt, slow down oxidation and weathering, resist gas and oil spills, improve the appearance of the asphalt, and provide slip resistance.

ASTs commercial sealcoating services will add value to any Central and Greater Minnesota business. We use the best products and techniques available to ensure the best results possible for every commercial sealcoating job. Our process is simple so our guys never miss a step, and so that every job can have the best result.

Every driveway we seal receives the highest level of AST quality. The steps of our commercial seal coating process:

Power Cleaning and Sweeping

Additional Cleaning

400° Rubber Crack Filling (optional)

400° Joint Filling (optional)

Treat Oil Spots

Commercial Grade AST Sealer

Professional Sealer Application

Line Striping

Some of Our Services

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